• Mivi Bluetooth speaker price is just Rs 1699.
  • Long battery, crystal clear sound.

In this era of technology, every day we come across so many electronic gadgets that are developed for our entertainment. When it comes to music, we never compromise. We always crave for the best quality music.

Today, people are so much obsessed with headphones, earphones and all, but when it comes to some kind of party where there is a group of people, we definitely need something big. For instance, we can use a speaker, a wireless one. Well, to be honest there are a large number of companies which develop these speakers. But what makes the difference is the quality of the sound.

In this article, we will be talking about the amazing features of the MIVI Roam Wireless Speaker. With a crystal clear sound and a punchy bass, the speaker comes at a price of $24.55 / 1699INR. It is one of the latest products of MIVI, which is sold at a very fast rate.

Inside the box:-

  1. Bluetooth Speaker.
  2. One user guide (manual).
  3. One USB port and one 3.5mm audio cable.


1.Crystal clear sound with Punchy Bass.

2. 2X louder than other stereotype wireless speakers.

3. Once it is fully charged, it can run for six hours uninterruptedly at 70% volume , at 50% volume you can also play up to 12-13 hours, generally its depends on volume.

4. Waterproof speaker. (Tested for proof video link given below : )

5. Portable (Easy to carry) also due to its compressed size, it is really easy and convenient to carry anywhere.

6. 1 year warranty period.

7. Long Battery Backup (800 mAh )

8. If you don’t want to connect with Bluetooth, then connect a 3.5 mm audio cable to the speaker and your device , then the speaker is in (AUX mode).

This speaker is rated 5 stars by most of the users. Not only because of its reasonable price, but also for the quality of the sound, people are loving it.  

Another feature of this speaker is that while the device is charging, a bright LED red light glows. The LED will automatically turn OFF when it will fully charge. While the device is playing music, a bright LED blue light glows. About the connectivity of the device, it is really easy to connect. You just need to turn on the Bluetooth of your phone, and you’re done. It emits another sound as soon as it gets connected to your phone. You can also call a person from your phone and speak through the wireless speaker. So, it is also convenient for answering calls. You can also charge with your mobile chargers as well as the USB port connected on your computer. 

So many features at such a reasonable price are really hard, almost impossible to get these days. Being one of the proud users of this very product, I would recommend each and every music freak to try this, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Thank You.


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